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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 31, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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police say more than a million people turned out for the parade. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman was in the middle of all that excitement. >> reporter: it was really exciting and, you know, we did this two years ago. we did it again. it's getting old hat? i don't think anybody thought so today. they came from far and wide and came early. >> we have been here since 11 p.m. we parked and we're just here walking around. >> reporter: they were far from alone. san francisco's homeless population skyrocketed overnight. they just wanted to see the champs. what's it like the second time? >> even better, man. i mean, to be able to take this home to the fans again, obviously, we did it in a little different fashion but, you know, we're here once again and it's fun to share with them. >> we're here to thank them. they are part of this club. we believe that. and they helped us do this. they filled the house every night. we want to thank them. >> reporter: it's estimated one
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million people would show and it looks like they did. >> i found this broom on the side of the road about two months ago with shovels and rakes and i didn't know why i took it. and now it's -- [ indiscernible ] [ screaming ] >> reporter: the cars carried the players but couldn't contain all of them. >> reporter: sergio romo is running away. where did sergio go? >> he jumped out. he slowed down for his fans jumped out and hit the streets. >> reporter: who are you? >> i'm his homey. >> reporter: they call his fans romosexual. then hunter pence. you gave the pep talk. that's credited with a couple of wins. >> that's a bunch of smoke. it was a completely -- this team played together. we played with a lot of heart, incredible performances all the way up and down our pitching.
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bullpen, starting pitching, defense, everyone. >> reporter: everyone here seemed to have a pretty good time. >> go, giants! whoo! >> reporter: looking at one of the fountains on the civic center side of city hall, and about an hour ago this place was filled with confetti and fast food stuff and just schmutz. and an army of city workers cleaned it up and it's really, really quite amazing. it was just a successful day it appears from one end to the other. >> i was watching our coverage, and every time someone would announce anything, i would hear the same woman scream at the top of her lungs for hours. and i'm sure she can't speak tonight. [ laughter ] >> that's -- every other person was doing that, too. did you have a good time? >> reporter: it was a ball. how can you not? it was a great, great day with tons of confetti flying down. it's raining now, it didn't rain during the parade. it's too bad for the trick or
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treat, but as marco scutaro might do... [ laughter ] >> you have to put your arms out. the there you go. [ laughter ] >> all right, mike. have fun. don't fall over. we'll talk to ya. mike sugerman. mike only covered part of the schmutz because once the parade arrived at the civic center, well, there were the formal introductions, the team presentation and an impromptu rally speech where it rained sunflower seeds. thousands upon thousands crammed into the civic center plaza waiting for this. ♪ [ music ] a few brooms... a little beach blanket babylon... >> san francisco! >> reporter: and bruce bochy. >> bruce bochy! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: because the giants' final victory of the
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sweep happened out of town in detroit the giants play-by-play announcer dave fleming recreated the moment. >> here's the 2-2 pitch, strike three called! and the giants win the world series! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: then there was romo -- >> you look at each one of my teammates and we all got a different story. but we all had one goal in mind. we all had one job in mind. we all had one dream in mind to become world series champions as a group. >> reporter: angel pagan. >> may be a better player but i want to say something very special. i want to thank the fans because when we struggled during the year, i always felt the 42,000 fans every day in the field. but i want to salute you guys. i want to salute to you guys because you guys always believed us in. >> reporter: matt cain. >> we have had such an eventful year and we have romo still being romo behind us. [ laughter ] >> but i mean, this has been truly amazing. and without you guys we wouldn't be here and you guys
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are by far the best fans had baseball. >> reporter: buster posey. >> the thing for me looking around and seeing all the excitement and happiness, you realize an accomplishment is more than just winning a game. >> reporter: alongside pablo sandoval the first venezuelan to win the world series mvp marco scutaro thanked fans in spanish. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: but the really inside the dugout celebration was exposed on stage when hunter pence brought out the sunflower seeds. >> better than confetti. after all that tony bennett came out and sang i left might have heart in san francisco. here's what it looked like as the fans left that celebration. lines wrapping around the corner at the san francisco
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ferry building. the ferry added extra trips to accommodate the crowds but some fans still waited hours to hop on board. >> amid all the hustle and bustle, parade planners almost left thousands of fans out of the celebration. >> fine with it. like i said, i want to see the players. >> the last-minute maneuver that spared them from huge disappointment. that's coming up later. san francisco police are being put to the test today and tonight. first monitoring hundreds of thousands of revelers at the giants victory parade. now they are on standby for halloween night. cbs 5 reporter phil matier on the video police are using to send a pointed message of the phil. >> reporter: that's right. police chief greg suhr counted about a dozen arrests for intoxication. there was one handgun found on somebody in the crowd today. and a shooting two blocks away. but it wasn't related they don't think to the celebration. so all in all they are crossing their fingers so far, so good.
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here's the story. >> had a couple of disagreements if you will but everything is okay so far. >> reporter: that was police chief greg suhr's take on today's celebration and tonight's efforts to prevent a repeat of the mayhem, bonfires and vandalism that happened sunday. still, merchants in the mission district are bracing for an uncertain night. >> we are going to be around here, you know, me and the other guys. >> reporter: up the street in the castro where there's been trouble in past halloween nights, merchants are also guarded. >> we're bracing for a lot of people. but we're not sure what will happen. >> reporter: in all over 30 people were arrested last sunday including gregory graniss who was booked on felony vandalism after this photo of him smashing a bus window circulated on the newspaper. as for tonight -- >> we just released day watch from the district station swing watch is now on. so we have fresh troops. our biggest complement is in
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the mission and on broadway. every officer is on an available like secondary mission if you will if something breaks off and that we'll redeploy as necessary and muni has a dedicated muni response team if any of the buses get in trouble. >> reporter: speaking of muni, police also just recently a few minutes ago released a video of that attack on a muni bus. it was empty. the flames being thrown into it and caught it on fire that was a $700,000 bus that was virtually total as a result. it's interesting. it's the little cameras the cell phones that people take around that are showing up on the internet and now the police are using them and asking anybody arecognizes these people to call them. back to you. >> you it phil matier. well, -- thank you, phil matier. nature didn't rain on the giants parade but our little ghosts and goblins are getting wet. >> we are looking at the rainfall slowly working to the south. if you are down the santa clara valley you're the luckiest because you're the farthest
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away from the rain. not so lucky north of the golden gate where it's already raining steadily along 101 in sonoma county, south of petaluma, novato getting showers. next up mill valley and san anselmo and richmond, san francisco and sausalito. the rain is knocking on your door. so showers are developing this evening. so get the trick or treating done early. it will be a steady rainfall for all of us after 9:00 tonight. we'll talk about when that rain is going to move out. wait until you see the forecast for the weekend in november. that's coming up in a few minutes stolen signs, bruises, there's another twist in a nasty bay area campaign. the new undercover video that a political consultant says proves a councilmember's husband is lying. >> the most heat propositions. the results of our last poll before election day. >> we were not giving out water. >> that's not the only problem.
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"cbs 5 investigates" the bay area millionaire renting out mice-infested apartments. ,,
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connection with a body founn a garb there has been a break in a bay area murder mystery. police arrested a stockton man in connection with a body found in a garbage can. the gruesome discovery in pleasanton this past summer made headlines. it turns out the victim was a 25-year-old woman from stockton. homicide investigators linked 30-year-old javier prado sandoval to that murder. no motive is being released. new numbers out tonight give the clearest picture yet of how voters may decide critical ballot measures. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee on our exclusive poll numbers. grace. >> reporter: we are getting close and there's not much time left. this may be one of the last polls we see on the state ballots before election day. so what did we find? a lot of decisions have been made undecided voters making up
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a large percentage just a few weeks ago. but now their minds are made up and it's driving new trends among those initiatives. >> good morning. >> reporter: governor brown has made it his personal mission to get proposition 30 passed. it would raise the sales tax a quarter cent and state income tax for those making more than $250,000 a year funneling $6 billion into schools and universities. and it looks like support is rising. it needs more than 50% to win. three weeks ago, only 45% of voters said yes. and there was a huge number of undecided ones. well, now it looks like the governor's initiative has enough to eek it out with 51% planning to vote yes. >> let's see how two ballot measures measure up. >> reporter: the new numbers look grim for the competing measure 38. it would raise state income tax for almost all californians for schools and preschool programs.
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the latest poll shows it's losing with 55% saying no. how do californians feel though about the death penalty? the newest poll shows they want to keep it. 51% said they would vote no on proposition 34 which would uphold the death penalty. 41% say they will vote yes which would prohibit the death penalty and replace it with life in prison without parole. food labeling has become a hot button issue. prop 37 would require companies to label processed food made with genetically modified organisms. in september it looked like it would pass with 51% saying yes to the new labels but the latest poll shows that position has reversed. now it is not likely to pass with 51% saying no to the new labeling requirements. and in a separate pepper dine california business roundtable poll it shows similar trends among the props that we just featured here including that reversal of support for proposition 37, the labeling of
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gmos and this could be an indication that it is in trouble. allen? >> thank you, grace lee. thousands of bay area nurses are planning to walk off the job tomorrow. they say it is a fight for their survival. cbs 5 reporter john ramos tells us the advantage nurses say they have to get management to listen. >> reporter: at their union office in downtown oakland, nurses are gearing up for a one- day strike tomorrow morning at seven bay area sutter healthcare hospital. >> we are going to have yet another strike against sutter. >> reporter: if this all sounds familiar maybe it's because they did the same thing in july. and june. and may. in fact, if you count the hospitals individually there have been more than 70 work stoppages in the past two years. >> for the nurses it's going to be whatever it takes as long as it takes. there's no -- this isn't a game for the nurses. this is life and death. >> reporter: the series of 24- hour strikes have forced sutter
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to hire temporary replacement staff on expensive five-day contracts. and the strategy has had some success with management backing down at several area hospitals in the last year. >> i think it has been quite effective. >> reporter: ken jacobs studies labor trends for uc-berkeley and says despite the decline of other unions, the nurses are in a powerful position being highly trained workers in the one industry that's growing quickly in a depressed economy. >> and unlike certain other areas it's not going to be outsourced to other countries. i think all of those give the workers and the union a greater ability to negotiate and to organize than we're seeing in other industries. >> reporter: back at the union hall, they believe there's also strength in the fact that the organization is made up primarily of women workers. >> women are used to having to fight the fight for their
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children, for their families, for their communities. and they are kind of silent warriors until they're pushed too far. >> reporter: each side said they are working for the good of the patient and both sides say the other is being unreasonable. but the power of the combatants in this fight make it an interesting chess game to watch. in oakland, john ramos cbs 5. weather time. paul deanno with your forecast. and this type of system coming in from the north and west is exactly what hi-def doppler can see better than any other radar in town. you can see it just lit up over sonoma county, marin countiful you're getting the rain first and ever so slowly it's creeping toward the peninsula. let's check a couple of hot spots between napa and vallejo a heavy shower lifting northeast impacting vacaville likely before 7:15 tonight. if you are in the santa clara valley like cupertino, sunnyvale, you're the farthest from the rain and kids there will likely stay dry because you will get the rain last. here's what's happening. big low pressure system off the
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western washington-western oregon coastline bringing record rainfall to seattle and portland and medford, oregon. we are going to get tail end of it which will give us a half inch of rain. it's arriving right now and likely sticking around until midday tomorrow. it will be a steady soaking rain. your grass will have some puddles in it come tomorrow morning. high pressure though building in as soon as tomorrow afternoon. a little bit of sunshine then a big bit of sunshine from friday right on through the weekend. highs tomorrow making it to 70 for livermore, 66 for san francisco. pretty close to average. the first day of november in san rafael 69 degrees. after tomorrow morning's rainfall, friday sunshine, mid- 70s inland. mid-70s near the bay. over the weekend near 80 inland. next week it will feel more like september than november with mainly sunny skies even at the coast. and that is your cbs 5
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forecast. tenants with no heat, leaky windows and this... we tracked down the multimillionaire who owns a rental empire. >> i don't know where you get your information. >> reporter: the latest claims against the landlord. coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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with no heat, leaky windowsd now: something even worse. in a story you imagine paying thousands of dollars a month for your apartment, no heat, leaky windows and something worse. in a story you'll see only on cbs 5, the bay area millionaire who owns a rental empire. >> i was feeling grateful. >> reporter: grateful to get a small apartment in this building for $2,300 a month but right away vivian started noticing the problems like no heat and -- >> we were not getting hot water. >> reporter: but the worst? >> these are the ones that i caught. >> reporter: mice.
6:22 pm
when she complained, the landlord sent over his handyman with traps and poison to kill them. but they keep coming. other tenants have had problems too. this man says he and his two daughters endured leaky windows, mold and no heat for three years. >> we went to bed with a lot of clothes on. >> reporter: when he finally moved out he said the landlord wouldn't return his $1,800 security deposit. >> he said i left the place messed up. which it wasn't. everything was left immaculate. >> reporter: that landlord, richard thomas. he owns more than 150 rental units around the bay area and he is infamous for just that, withholding security deposits. tenants here in alameda county filed a class action lawsuit over it and they won a million- dollar judgment in2008 but his tenants continue to complain. like these tenants we found last year in hayward. they were drinking and bathing in contaminated water from a well. thomas was treating it the cheap way, with bottles of clorox.
6:23 pm
>> we are going to have to say good-bye. >> reporter: he wouldn't answer our questions about the well water but our report prompted the county to take action. he was forced to install a chlorination system. >> you want to come up and sign it sir? >> reporter: in sunshine the problems that vivian and his building have richard thomas in trouble again. we caught up with him at a department of buildings inspection hearing. >> outstanding items on the notice of violation are also outstanding. there's no heat on the property. >> reporter: city documents show 72 code violations and 13 orders of abatement mostly in the last three years. for everything from lack of permits to water leaks. lead paint hazard and rodents. one inspector calls the whole building a public nuisance. >> like to ask you a few questions. >> reporter: when we tried to ask thomas about that -- >> i don't know where you get your information. >> we have been out there and saw the evidence of rodent infestation. we have seen the property. the tenants want to know when
6:24 pm
you're going to fix this stuff. >> i'm sorry, because there is a controversy now as to the truth of the allegations. >> reporter: you're saying none of this is true? >> i'm saying that i have a big stack of paper and i don't know who you are, sir. all you're doing is attacking me here in the hallway. >> reporter: turns out thomas is a regular fixture in this hallway for years. >> there were a number of tenants that stepped forward. >> reporter: the building department spokesman says his agency is doing the best it can. >> all i can say is it's sometimes takes a lengthy due process as local laws require. >> reporter: and in the meantime the tenants trying to live under those circumstances have to put up with it. >> in the meantime, that's correct. often the habitability circumstances for the tenant can be very challenging. >> reporter: a challenge he is now taking on personally in small claims court. >> i'm on a continuation of the fifth time in small claims court which everybody thinks is a joke. they don't believe it. >> five times. >> five times. >> reporter: but like many others who have done the same,
6:25 pm
he is getting nowhere. >> how is he able to do this? it's not right. it's not fair. >> reporter: as for vivian, a day after we talked to thomas at the building department, the landlord finally sent clark pest control to check out the rodent problem. after a thorough inspection, outside and inside the building, the clark employee told us -- >> there's a lot of pipes and stuff which is what they use to travel. they could be getting into other units. >> reporter: now, the judge in the class action lawsuit has fined thomas $50,000 for violating the court order. he is supposed to provide proof he is returning security deposits properly and he is not doing that. if he had held in contempt of court he could be sent to jail. coming up in the next half hour, why are schools always asking voters for money while other agencies seem to get funding at will? the budgeting and lobbying that has california spending money on jail cells rather than classrooms. >> we will follow up to make sure you get all the help you
6:26 pm
need. >> a promise from the president as we get our best foot yet from the fallout from sandy. the landmark simply washed away. >> this is the only time that everybody is walk and happy and smiling and... whoo! >> what world series champions are bringing our community together. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. ,, proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38...
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still without power in the r in the northeast in the wakf hurricane sandy. 68 deaths e now blamed on the monster s, now at 6:30 millions are still without power in the northeast in the wake of hurricane sandy. 68 deaths are now blame on the monster storm which caused billions of dollars in damage. today president obama got a firsthand look at the destruction. power conditions are still struggling to get power back on in 13 states two days after sandy tore through the region. cbs reporter alison harmelin is in new jersey where the president promises federal help. >> reporter: good evening. it is nighttime here now but earlier today, it was actually sunny and beautiful here at the jersey shore, which only made it so much more abundantly clear that the devastation to
6:30 pm
this area is absolutely everywhere. president obama arrived in new jersey for a close-up look at the damage. the president took a chopper tour with governor chris christie over devastated areas of the state where super storm sandy hit with full force. >> we are here for you. and we will not forget. we will follow up to make sure that you get all the help that you need until you rebuild. >> reporter: record storm surge took out atlantic city's boardwalk. the massive storm surge came up from the ocean and brought the beach into the streets of atlantic city partially burying this car in the sand. the real family came out on bicycles to see the devastation. >> never saw sand like that. that's the one thing, that's due to the storm surge, i think. >> reporter: farther up the shore this is what's left of the famous boardwalk in seaside heights. the roller coaster sits crumbled in the ocean, the ferris wheel suspended over open water. the storm lifted homes off
6:31 pm
their foundations and crumpled up boats. fires continued to burn on a stream of natural gas leaks in one town. in hoboken residents are trapped waiting for rescue. the water has no place to go. >> it will take time before it works out of the area or has to be pumped out. >> reporter: newark airport reopened but millions of hopes are without power. streets are canals. while the clean-up is already under way, new jersey knows it may never be the same. there's a few small signs of recovery this evening. the local grocery store is back up and running on generator power. and a few of the casinos are talking about opening in the next day or so but at the end of the day there are millions without power and it's just two days since the storm hit and this is still very much a state in a state of emergency. live in atlantic city, i'm alison harmelin, dana, back. >> thank you. a follow-up now on a san jose city council race turned ugly. a trap to catch a campaign sign
6:32 pm
thief apparently snares the rival candidate's husband. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on the video and the case that's now gone to the district attorney. >> we were trying to show some of the dirty tactics that are happening in this campaign. >> reporter: san jose political consultant dustin derollo admits he was behind the catch ra on this video of -- behind the camera on this video of something caught on tape. >> who are you? >> he said he didn't assault anyone and says he has the video and audio proof. >> nothing ever happened to him. no one touched him. he in fact was the one that was the addresser. >> i'm certain they are going to say whatever they need to say to support what they are doing. >> reporter: matt wahlin is the man in the video and the husband of city council member rose herrera, who is locked in a bitter battle against challenger jimmy nguyen. wahlin became the target of the deroll low's stakeout after
6:33 pm
several yard signs were found in a trash can in a local park. he admitted throwing them away but only ones illegally placed in public places or his own yard. the day after the video surfaced wahlin showed scars and scraped came from being pushed to the ground by derollo. he filed a police report alleging assault and battery. >> i confronted the people. they left. i left. >> reporter: but today, derollo released four minutes of uncut video he shot leading up to the incident that he says proves wahlin is lying. >> we have indisputable proof. >> reporter: it shows the sounds of cars, no assault. it doesn't seem to match wahlin's sequence of events. wahlin says it proves nothing. >> i'm certain if i had my own video camera there it would show what i wanted it to show. >> reporter: derollo works for a group that is trying town
6:34 pm
seat herrera. the video is turned over to the district attorney's office to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest with police investigators. len ramirez, cbs 5. now more on our top story tonight. two world series victories in three years. today giants celebrated another world series win. today an incredible look at an incredible orange and black party. >> whoo! >> how are you doing? >> great. i'm great. excited. this is unbelievable, man. to be part of this parade. >> it's great to be able to be part of something so special. >> we're so fortunate to have these fans. they are the best.
6:35 pm
>> i found this broom on the side of a road about two months ago with shovels and rakes and i didn't know why i took it. and now... [ screaming unintelligiblably ] >> three home runs. how does that feel? >> you know, i feel -- [ inaudible ] >> we're coming back with sergio, sergio romo running away. >> the last hours just magical as well as when we clinched the world series with the rain and everything. it's something we'll never forget. >> oh, you can't have a better day than what we're having right now. [ screaming ] >> it gets tiring in the play- offs but to see the way our team stuck with it and to see the way our fans kept coming in, kept cheering really loud, we saw the footage from back home, we beat detroit, what an awesome city.
6:36 pm
>> together we were giant. we had the fans. they inspired us. they had the passion. and we played with a lot of heart. ♪ the golden sun will shine on you ♪ ♪[ music ] [ applause and cheers ] >> all that and tony bennett too. the rolls royce and the trophy. we have posted a lot more video of this parade, the crowd and all things giants on >> a cool day. >> yeah. once again california schools ask voters for money while other agencies raise money at will. >> they have good lobbyists. and that's why we have more prisons and schools that are in decline. >> why schools are begging for your vote while prisons never have to ask for a penny. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
voters are being asked for e money. and once again, the
6:39 pm
for more tax reven grab your california ballot and you'll notice once again voters are being asked for more money and once again, the request for more tax revenue is aimed at helping california's struggling schools. but that is a request some state agencies don't have to make. they get to bypass voters altogether. >> show me how you come in and are ready to learn. >> reporter: a classroom and a jail cell... are both expensive to operate. but when public schools need more money, they often have to ask voters for it. that is not the case for the department of corrections. >> all the things that we need to create a healthy safe california are being negatively impacted by all of the ways in which we're funneling resources into locking people up. >> reporter: in 2007, the state legislature passed a law allowing the california department of corrections to raise billions of dollars using something called "least revenue bonds." the proceeds go to capital
6:40 pm
improvement projects for prisons and do not require voter approval. last year the prison system sold $900 million worth. a practice that those who oppose prison expansion call a backdoor way to get more money hassle-free. >> that's what the corrections system enjoys. they have a very simple funding system. they can control the process centrally. they have good lobbyists. and that's why we have more prisons and schools that are in decline. >> reporter: spokesmen at the nonpartisan california department of finance say selling these bonds to build new facilities and infrastructure is standard operating procedure. >> it's a commonly used mechanism for corrections facilities, the state water project, toll bridges, and other projects. >> reporter: public education by law is guaranteed 48% of the state's general fund whereas corrections gets about 7%. on average, the state and
6:41 pm
federal government allocate over $9,000 per pupil in california. that is less than half of what the state of new york spends on its students. but getting more money for schools often means asking local voters to increase their own taxes. for example, the city of berkeley raises more than $3,000 per pupil in extra funds. other school districts have had similar success in the bay area. schools in poorer districts, though, don't have parents who can afford that. >> affluent communities are counting on parcel taxes and passing local bonds to improve the quality of their school facilities. but again, these are not options available to a lot of middle class and blue collar communities. >> reporter: in an economic climate where budgets are tight and dollars are short, consider this. nearly 50% of inmates nationwide are high school dropouts. last year, the state cut funding for prisons by more than $4 billion. the state prison population has
6:42 pm
gone down, as well. much thanks to prisoner realignment which has been transferring prisonerscounty jails. but the state has given counties more than $1 billion to house those inmates. >> the request can be unusual. >> i need 10 pressure washers and i need 2,000 field of hose. he goes, can you do that? i said, absolutely. >> an east bay man fulfills every last one of them for the troops. we'll show you how he is doing that. meteorologist paul deanno with hi-def doppler. rain is approaching san francisco. find out when it moves in and moves out in your forecast. okay. so what if you went to the parade and they changed the route on you? i'm dennis o'donnell. the warriors make a decision on the future of their star guard stefan curry. we'll tell you what this is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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that's elizabeth.n. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. package sent to a marine can serving in afghanistan. buts kate kelly reports, this w's it started with a simple c.a.r.e. package sent to a marine captain servin in afghanistan. but it was turned into a
6:46 pm
pipeline of support for servicemembers overseas. >> they were asking for tourniquettes, medical services, flash right. >> reporter: it's not unusual for aaron negherbon to go calls at all hours of the day from the front is lines in afghanistan like the call he got from a marine corps major needing help. >> he said we just got into our base here in afghanistan and half of my unit is coming down imbecause there's some type of virus or bacteria. he is on the phone with me. he goes i need 10 pressure washers and i need 2,000 feet of hose. he goes, can you do that? and i said, absolutely. >> reporter: aaron says. equipment was there in a week and so are most of the items that he ships overseas through the nonprofit he founded called troopsdirect. >> a lot of these items simply aren't readily available through the supply chain and if they are it takes weeks or months to go it. but with troopsdirect they request it on day one and we are shipping within 24 hours. >> reporter: it started with a gift box he isn't to a college
6:47 pm
buddy two years ago to afghanistan. when his friend wrote back asking for items for the unit he filled each request. >> other commanders found out about my buddy's personal kind of supply chain if you will and they started reaching out to us there is says hey we heard you're helping them. we need the same items. can you help us as well. >> reporter: troops tell him each package gives them all a welcome boost. >> it's life changing. the morale is instantly improved. >> reporter: today, aaron sends out an average of 1,000 pounds a week from this partially donated warehouse in oakland. all of it on demand. and while many items are donated, money raised helps purchase specific equipment and pays the hefty postage fees. >> these are actually small headlamps that are going out to a unit in afghanistan. >> reporter: troopsdirect doesn't send cookies or magazines, only gear and equipment and the basics for nutrition, hygiene and health. >> realized that the need was
6:48 pm
there and i really, you know, believe in, you know, supporting, you know, america as best i can. and this is really my calling. >> reporter: so for supporting servicemembers overseas box by box by box, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to aaron negherbon. kate kelly, cbs 5. halloween so many kids wanting to get outside trick or treating get it done quickly. the rain is just about here in san francisco, some parts of the city already getting wet and it's going to get wetter through the evening. doppler radar showing you the crystal clarity with our radar. look at that rainfall offshore. it's going to hit mill valley, sausalito, up toward richmond and berkeley, you're minutes away from getting some rain now, although the peninsula, san francisco south of daly city, you're still dry. but it's going to be very quick. it's going to change from dry to wet. look what you're seeing on your television screen. this is the difference that high-def doppler radar can provide. all of that specific data you see between healdsburg and santa rosa. watch when i switch it over to the national weather service
6:49 pm
radar. we lose all the clarity. now let's go back to what only we can show you here at cbs 5. that is hi-def doppler. and look at the clarity of that rain north of the golden gate in marin, napa and sonoma counties. temperatures and rainfall have been well above average. oakland 1.4 degrees above average but concord and san jose below normal as we wrap up october. san jose has been very chilly. you're chilly tonight 63 degrees for you. santa rosa down to 57. cloudy in oakland at 64. big area of low pressure slamming into the northwest. we are getting the tail end of it but even the tail end of it will give us widespread rainfall for this evening. overnight tonight and for the first half of tomorrow we'll see rainfall through tomorrow morning but quick in, quick out. low pressure is gone by tomorrow afternoon and high pressure builds in giving us a fantastic weather weekend with temperatures approaching 80 degrees in our inland communities coming up this weekend. it's going to feel more like september than november so rain likely from now all the way through the morning commute tomorrow. you will get some sunshine late in the day on thursday.
6:50 pm
you're going to get a lot of sunshine on friday, saturday, sunday, monday, even election day. we are going to have a nice stretch of dry weather after tonight. highs in the upper 60s tomorrow. mountain view 67. union city 67. walnut creek in the afternoon with a little bit of sunshine. you will get up to 70. san ramon 69 degrees. stinson beach 62. novato 68. downtown san francisco 66 degrees. extended forecast, high pressure builds in on friday. you will be mostly sunny highs in the 70s. weekend looks great especially sunday. 80 inland. monday election day we stay in the 80s inland. we'll be well into the 70s near the bay. and sunshine continues all the way until next wednesday. the only rain is what we have outside right now. sports is coming up next. ,,
6:51 pm
this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us.
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most everyone got a glimpsef parade, but there was a few giants diehards who almost missed it all if it wasn't most everyone got a glimpse of the players at the parade. but there were a few die-hard fans who almost missed the whole thing if not for a heads up decision by giants brass. here's vern glenn. >> reporter: giants fans from pleasanton, san jose, los angeles, even new york city were lined right along market and steuart street the reported strike of the giants parade -- the reported start of the giants parade here at early as 4 a.m.
6:54 pm
to catch a glimpse of the world series champions. however, as the parade began, up to 1,000 of these fans watched helplessly as the parade proceeded one block west of them on market at spear. no floats. no players. no action for almost an hour into the event. >> we're watching it going on a block away and nothing. >> we're hopeful they are not going to disappoint us. >> we need this. come on, come down. >> they're ditching us right here. >> reporter: fans became annoyed indeed. it did not go unnoticed by san francisco police and apparently, the giants. >> we said, whatever we do, we have to make sure that the players cover the entire market street map. and so the best way to do it is to have the players take a right and go east on market street to cover all the way down to stewart and then they turned on stewart, made a u- turn back up market street.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: so a plan called the maneuver was hatched. it provided the biggest giants save since sergio romo last sunday night in detroit. what do you think now? >> awesome! >> yeah! >> reporter: fans got what they came for. they just didn't think it would take 7 hours to get it. at the parade in san francisco, vern glenn, cbs 5. >> and did you notice some of the people driving the cars today? alex smith was nearly fined earlier this season for wearing a giants hat in his post-game press conference. hopefully the league wouldn't fine him for being a driver. >> who are you here with, your family? >> my wife and my daughter and we have this guy that drives for us. [ laughter ] >> i think his name is alex. >> we are spoiled in the bay area to get two in three years. got a chance to come up and do this and jumped at it. >> good stuff. it's been a busy day for giants outfielder hunter pence who was on the conan o'brien
6:56 pm
show last night. among the topics his taste in movies especially pop star katy perry. >> we're on the flight to st. louis and, you know, we're flipping through the movies and, you know, on the airplane and i'm seeing some of the movies and there's a movie, you know, like katy perry part of me, that looks interesting but i would never watch this on a plane flight. i'm much too tough to that. macho environment. you can't be watching katy perry so i get on the bus and vogelsong, philadelphia, vogel strong, super stuff, he goes, you know, we're talk on the bus everyone is talking he's like, you know, i watched that katy perry part of me movie and man it was really awesome and we all started having this huge discussion like and i'm like man he had the courage to watch that and tell us. [ laughter ] >> and as the giants season officially closes, the warriors begins tonight. stephen curry was limited to just 26 games last season. but the warriors need offed to
6:57 pm
make a commitment to their point guard -- needed to make a commitment though their point guard or tonight risk losing him to free agency at the end of the season. >> i text him last night i got shots up at the gym and text him on the way home if you need to borrow my pen, i got an extra pen for him. i'd love to have him here for as many years as he can. >> david lee's pen probably came in handy once curry signed his four-year, $44 million extension with the warriors today. he reaggravated his surgically repaired ankle in the preseason but will start in the season opener tonight in phoenix. and meet the latest millionaire. greg took down 8.3 million after winning the world series of poker. get this. his final hand, a king high over a queen jack. that's his reaction. >> whoo. captions by: caption colorado [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds."
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